Company Experience

XCell Fund works with a broad variety of business, including those other lenders tend to avoid. We work with entrepreneurs that have only a dream to revolutionize an industry with their new invention. We additional do business with companies that have traditionally been frowned upon by traditional lenders. We work with large corporations looking to expand into other industries or markets as well. Our experience makes us a trusted source of funding and business support for a variety of ventures.

When partnering with our firm, a prospective borrower gains much more than just immediate funds. Because we provide both capital and support, we enable entrepreneurs with the opportunity to take educated risks. Our business experts provide the knowledge and support that is necessary to build a successful venture. We have used both our experience and resources to support countless lendees as they make steps toward growing their businesses.

Experience and knowledge

With office locations in or around most major cities throughout the world, the world is our oyster. Since 2013, we have worked hard to harvest solid relationships with investors and business experts that have the requisite capital, desire, and expertise to help take your business to the next level. Our longstanding position in the Angel Fund, Seed Fund, and Expansion Lending Marketplace has prepared us to best assist our clients while protecting our lender‘s investment at the same time.

At XCell, we do not just turn over funding to our clients with little to guidance, we instead provide the vital support they need by way of our skilled experts. These experts have the necessary knowledge, gained from years of trial and error experience in the real world, to succeed in the global marketplace. Our clients are successful in realizing their business goals because they are equipped with the necessary tools in their arsenal for optimal success. Companies emerge from the experience with the requisite expertise needed to maintain a thriving enterprise in today’s market.

Trusted experience

As for our investors, they feel more confident in investing in the type ideas and companies we choose to invest in because of the extensive coaching support we offer our clients. They know we have completed a thorough process that will ensure their funds are spent wisely. We put our potential clients through a rigorous vetting process that includes learning about their short and long term goals both personally and professionally. This is so we can gain a better idea about their CEO’s level of commitment to the idea or company.

The second step in the vetting process also involves discussion of business operations as well as the preferences of the prospective borrower. This is how we hone in on the type expertise their company needs to grow. This process helps us make a better assessment on who should be included on the borrower’s support team. Our level of commitment to the client remains consistent throughout the duration of the payback period until the point at which the client is ready to spread their wings and fly.

Go ahead, dream big

We are motivated to facilitate a teamwork-intensive relationship between the borrower, the experts, and the investor because of our own dreams of what an ideal marketplace should look like. We are driven by our desire to provide innovative products and services at a quality that benefits society. We also make the process safer, more sustainable, and more productive.

To do this, we need a combined effort. It requires a relationship and degree of participation between invested support partners, committed to the ideas and their growth. Because the partners paired with your company have already put in the energy and time to learn the ins and outs of the global marketplace, they come focused on growing your business. This, in turn, means fewer downs than ups for your business. It also means less disillusionment and potential for failure – something that seems unavoidable for companies without the same level of support.

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