Financial Loans

Access to adequate capital may plague many businesses. XCell Fund is committed to providing financing for your ventures from our internal investor group. We work with all types of business ventures. No matter what field you’re in, or market you’re targeting, we’ve got you covered!

Angel Investment

There are investors and financiers who prefer to get involved with businesses that are mature. At XCell Fund, we have an angel investment department that invests in your business in it’s earliest stages in exchange for ownership or convertible debt.


Expansion Financing

When your venture has taken off and is performing well in the market entrepreneurs see the need to expand. Expansion is important early on to prevent competitors from capturing a market segment, however it comes with additional costs. When you need to expand your business operations, XCell Fund is ready to provide you with the additional capital you require.

Seed Capital

We are ready to begin working with you and providing you with the necessary capital to make your idea profitable. We know how important seed money for all parts of your business ventures. The capital can be useful in covering research and development of the idea and the initial investment expenses until your investment turns profitable.

We provide you with adequate financial support so that you don’t have to look for additional capital elsewhere, which saves you time. Contact us today with your idea and we’ll do our best to be of assistance to you.