Internet Advertising

XCell fund is actively engaged in the internet advertising industry, with years as a company and decades of experience among our team members. Whether you’re an angel investor seeking to invest in this rapidly-growing industry or an entrepreneur who needs to embrace online advertising to help take their business to the next level, we can develop a truly customized solution for you and/or your company.

We are experienced in many different types of advertising. Some of the ways we can help your business to grow with advertising are discussed below.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing has helped many businesses kick their game up to the next level. Affiliates promote your product on related websites and have their visitors convert for you through your affiliate offer.

Internet Marketing

Whether you need full management of a current affiliate marketing campaign, or you just want to see where this could take you, we have dedicated affiliate marketing experts ready to provide you with assistance.


Thanks to the advent of modern technology, many tedious tasks can now be replaced with automation. We’ve been developing and utilizing automated systems and processes for our companies as well as our clients. From investing in companies that automate highly lucrative tasks to helping companies integrate their current systems into something more automated, we’ve probably got our hands in it.


Not only have we invested into leading online retailers, but we’ve made it possible for others to take advantage of complete e-commerce solutions. When you are ready to begin investing, speak with one of our e-commerce specialists today to unlock this door to a modern opportunity.

International Trade

Since we do business in various countries, we’ve developed our own logistics systems and international trading systems and processes. This has led us to investing into businesses who have a focus on international trade, as a global income is always better than just a regional one.

Media Buying

These include options like search engine marketing, placements on websites and other internet-based advertising. XCell Fund ensures that you get the best out of paid advertising by assisting you in recruiting your advertisers and targeting viewers.

PR Management

As tech grows, the speed that it takes for someone to write a negative review about your company and/or product(s) decreases. It’s a sad fact that we’re forced to deal with and this has put us into a position to be one of the leading companies among public relations firms. From offering customized solutions to investing in the next big PR breakthrough, there’s nothing in this realm that we don’t do.

Search Engine Marketing

We know that when people search for something that’s related to your product(s) and/or service(s) it’s critical to be there. After all, how will you make money if you try to make yourself hidden? This is why we have launched a full-service search engine marketing firm who specializes in driving organic/paid traffic to our clients’ websites.

In addition, we continuously invest in this industry to ensure that we’re always on the “cutting edge of the industry.”

Social Media Marketing

Our various social media managers work hand in hand to develop social media content for you and run your business profiles. You are able to advertise your products and services on social media while address customer queries. Furthermore you can drive traffic direct to you website and other affiliates using social media as a first-contact-point.

For more information, feel free to contact us.