ionBuzz Group Careers

ionBuzz Group Careers (2)

We are an equal opportunity employer who gives opportunities that are available within the company to people who are adequately qualified and who meet our hiring requirements. We hire employees on the basis of merit, and merit alone. We welcome all who wish to work with us to apply for any job openings that are available.

We advertise the opportunities that are available within ionBuzz on various websites and on the ionBuzz website itself. Our hiring process is simple but rigorous to ensure that we employ only the best professionals.

We look for certain personal qualities on top of the academic and professional requirements as dictated by a particular job opening.That means that you may meet the professional and academic requirements that we need but fail to be taken on board due to lacking some personal attributes that we prefer to have at ionBuzz. Such attributes include being a hard-worker, the ability to work under pressure, having an innovative mindset, adaptability, leadership qualities, being able to meet deadlines consistently, attention to detail, and many other qualities.

The different professionals who may find opportunities to work with ionBuzz Media Group include, but are not limited to: systems administrators, search engine optimization experts, content writers, online researchers, software developers, trend analysts, social media marketers, affiliate marketers, blog managers, website administrators, data entry personnel, and many other types of professionals. ionBuzz looks to discover, expose, nurture, and develop the careers of our personnel using various methods.

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