Partnership Strategy

XCell Fund is fully devoted to supporting our partners in business. We take immense pride when it comes to having healthy relationships with the people we do business with because we know that our business needs them in order to flourish.

At XCell Fund, we believe in working with business partners that demonstrate and embrace optimal standards of business behavior and ethics. All these expectations have formally been documented and clearly outline the principles that are expected of all business partnerships that we are (and will be) partaking in.

Partnership Strategy
  • We believe that we are entrusted by our clients with the fundamental responsibility of ensuring that whatever services we provide are of the highest quality within the industry. In this case, we also expect our partners offer services or products that will meet all required quality as well as safety standards set forth within our operating procedures.
  • XCell Fund is strongly committed in treating all employees with fairness, respect, and dignity. Consequently, we believe that anybody we do business with should echo this type of commitment as well..
  • At XCell Fund we expect our business partners to safeguard and keep secure all confidential information. Any information disclosed by any of our business partners provides XCell Fund competitive advantage. Such information includes, but is in no way limited to our marketing plans, new products, development ideas, research, trade investments, or any other info on possible acquisitions, investments, and divestitures.
  • XCell Fund expects notification from partners of any non-compliance of policies and practices either by themselves or employees and are expected to come up with plans that promptly correct the practices. We usually engage in monitoring activities geared towards seeing the compliance to standards.

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