Response Commodities

Response Commodities is an import and export business venture that has grown greatly since its inception. It is mainly involved in the bulk importation of goods and then selling them to local and international consumers of a smaller scale. The business complements a sister company that sells on wholesale basis. Upon inception, the company achieved profitability relatively fast and is now self-sustaining with a large number of employees strategically located across the world.

The services offered by Response Commodities includes ordering, shipping, logistics, and the actual deliveries in getting your product to you. We buy inventory from overseas, and then we sell it locally or internationally in bulk shipments. We operate in an efficient and highly effective manner that ensures our customers are always served on time.

We have a team of professionals in every department of our operation who are able and ready to receive your order and process it in the minimal amount of time. These professionals have years of experience and are well-suited to take care of the needs of our customers. We have attended to hundreds of clients with amazing results and they’re happy to keep coming back to Response Commodities.

Since we use technological assistance in our operations and inventory management, we ensure that our employees are highly capable and can use different types of technology that are applied in their areas of operation. We’re also committed to continuously developing the careers of our employees using workshops, seminars, in-house training, and exchange programs. We also have team building events as we value good communication and teamwork within our fast-paced working environment.

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