Sidago Integrated Solutions

Sidago Integrated solutions is a company that caters to various needs in staffing and business management. We’re committed to providing various operational and human resource management solutions to companies such as hiring, training, systems setup, work flow improvement, and outsourcing services. The company was founded in April 2014, even though the idea has been in analysis and development since late 2012.

In the outsourcing field, we ensure that you get the best staff for your company who will provide services that other companies may have as in-house departments. This helps small business operations work on the same platform and level as their larger competitors. You can outsource small operations such as copywriting, email marketing, and creation of reports to larger tasks such as staffing processes including interviews and training services for employee specialization.

Other services that we offer includes (but is not limited to) web development, advertising, and marketing services including media production, illustration/animation, 3D printing/modeling, online marketing, business plan development, telesales services, sales software development, social media marketing and public relations among others. We also develop content for the websites of our clients’ websites.

We have qualified personnel who have undergone rigorous training in their various fields and have acquired the necessary experience that they need to successfully carry out the various tasks for our customers. Sidago Integrated Solutions has learned that the need of team work and cooperation between individuals is critical to the success of our clients. Keeping that in mind, our experts work in highly efficient teams to meet customer demands.

Companies that work with us are able to achieve several gains such as cutting costs on employee overhead and employee benefits, better strategic planning, having unique staffing solutions that are suited to the business, and reduced operational costs. Such companies achieve profitability quickly and have larger profit margins than their competitors. Therefore, they’re able to remain afloat and expand their operations.

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