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XCell is a holding company and a parent corporation for several entities. There are 11 companies under XCell. Some are privately owned, and others are public. XCell functions as a centralized parent company that oversees the operations of the other companies under it. We are in the business of investments and in helping those that have ideas to develop until they become profitable entities of their own.

Our Operations

We are involved in two fronts on investment. First is where people who want to invest can invest through XCell. You give us your money for defined periods of time and you get it back with interest. The second front is where an entrepreneur wants to start a business but they don’t have adequate capital. We provide the money to set up the business in all of its phases and at times we provide money to finance large orders from clients as well as to help with expansion.

The investment part of XCell is only available for the public companies that are under it. These are the ones that can take in extra funds from investors, use the money in profitable dealings, and then return the money plus interest to the original investor. For the funding of entrepreneurs, we have several funding options that are available.

Careers & Opportunities

XCell provides various opportunities to work with us and develop careers. We also work with various partners in different fields as dictated by the needs of our clientele. We welcome professionals in analytics, systems development, website development, software development, search engine optimization, design/multimedia, social media management, financial market analysts, human resource managers, and many others.

For more information on XCell Fund, please reach out to us.