Xinda Global Overview

Xinda Global is a financial services company that offers factoring services to businesses. Xinda was started in March 2014. Our services include invoice buying and providing lines of credit to businesses when they need it most. We take the invoices and other receivables in exchange for the credit and then follow up the payments that may be delayed.

The idea of Xinda was developed after it was realized that many businesses are faced with cash shortages. We began with a few small businesses and we’re expanding to provide factoring services to more businesses, including large companies. We charge a small fee for the service.

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Our financing is available within 24-48 hours after we have verified the validity of the invoices and other delayed payments. Our financing services are available for companies to use the money in financing their operations, delivery of services/goods to their customers, and to pay their employees. Simply put, you’ll get financing from Xinda and use it to meet the needs of your business.

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