Corporate Accountability

Corporate Accountability

XCell Fund believes we are entrusted by our clients with the responsibility of ensuring our services are high quality. We also regularly strive to remain the highest quality within the industry. Due to the vast array of business partners and investors interested in working with us, becoming a selected lendee is often more challenging than expected. Vetting our business partners and investors is just as rigorous, if not more so, than becoming a client. Our advisors and investors not only must have an impressive resume of accomplishments, but they must also be willing to commit to our company’s mission as well.

Regulatory Controls

We are committed to not only anticipating but more importantly complying with regulatory controls. There is a collaborative effort between both our accounting and legal departments to ensure consistent communication about the whereabouts of all invested capital. This is readily available to the investor, the business partner, as well as the client. To this end, we have many monitoring options in place for all our clients to ensure the highest degree of transparency is met, as both expected and needed.


Confidentiality is of extreme importance to our organization. We expect our business partners to treat confidential information within their reach with the utmost respect. Client proprietary information that is visible to either clients or advisors remains private. Any information disclosed by any of our business partners offers XCell Fund competitive advantage and is highly valued and protected by the firm.

Information that is considered proprietary includes:

  • Marketing plans
  • New products ideas
  • Development ideas
  • Research
  • Trade investments
  • Any other info on possible acquisitions, investments, and divestitures.

In order to stay in good standing with our company, we establish an expectation of privacy with all our investors, business partners, and other employees. We require notification from partners of any non-compliance with policies and practices either by themselves or employees. What’s more, in the rare event of unintentional disclosure of said information, the parties involved are expected to come up with plans that promptly correct the practices. To prevent this from occurring, we, as a company, usually engage in monitoring activities geared towards the maintenance of these compliance standards.


In addition to the aforementioned, our company is firmly committed to treating all of its employees with fairness, respect, and dignity. Because of our commitment, we also hold firm that every partner should echo this type of commitment as well.

Our employees enjoy a significant amount of opportunities for growth within our organization. We routinely conduct polls of our staff to determine opportunities for workplace environment improvement. We believe the consistently positive feedback received from our employees is not only due to the competitive wages we offer. It is more importantly, also due to the institution of continuous growth opportunities.

With respect to options for growth, we, as a company, have carved out within our organization various opportunities for them to make significant gains in their professional career.

This includes:

  • In-house training programs
  • Cross-training work experiences
  • Executive-management pipelines


Our company’s historical ability to sustain itself is mostly due to the caliber of the steady flow of borrowers, advisors, and investors worked with over the past two years. Our partners – at all levels – have been intrigued by our method of doing business, which offers a unique approach to receiving funding and growing your business.

Our clients appreciate the expert mentoring received during the ever-important growth period of their enterprises. Investors place value on the increased security of their investment due to this practice. For those who enjoy our unique level of collaboration, we offer continued business consulting partnership relationships that can provide the support needed long into the future as well. We offer these services combined with low industry rates to allow you to be able to focus on investing more in your business.

When it comes to growing your business, XCell Fund has done all the footwork in establishing relationships and equipping you with the necessary tools to make it a reality.

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