Investment Strategy

Over the years we have worked with dozens of entrepreneurs and helped them build their businesses. All of these individuals had a great idea but needed the funding and strategy to get that idea off the ground. Here at XCell Fund, we understand there is more to starting your business than just receiving the right funding. You also need a great strategy to get the work done. Our planners and analysts can work with you to create the strategy that puts your business above the competition and helps it to become a successful startup.

The factors we consider and the main areas we assess includes:

  • Advertising & Marketing –  Advertising and marketing are the cornerstones of your new business. People simply cannot purchase your product or service if they know nothing about you. Our professionals work with you to come up with a hybrid model of advertising, include both offline and online methods, that work for your unique business.
  • Distribution –  Distribution strategy outlines how you will get your products to the consumer. Some businesses will choose shipping while others have the ability to let the customer pick out products right at the store. Our professionals will look at your business needs and outline a strategy that makes the most sense for you.
  • Expansion –  While expansion might not be the most prominent feature for a new startup, at some point you may want to consider growing your business. Expansions can bring unique challenges to your business that need to be discussed and salved before beginning. XCell Fund can look through your expansion options to determine the plan that will really help your business grow.
  • Funding –  Every business needs the right amount of funding. XCell Fund can help find the right investors who want to fund every aspect of your business. XCell Fund will be available for your strategizing needs. We will give you ideas on how to go about developing sound strategies for your venture that will ensure you achieve sustainable profitability in a short span of time.

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