Partnership Process

XCell Fund wants to ensure that our new business partners are able to get started with their operations as quickly as possible. Our experience has allowed us to set up a process that streamlines the work and gets you on track in no time at all.

Initial Stage

In the initial stages, you will contact XCell Fund and make a request to work with us. We take some time to get to know you and make an assessment on whether we are in need of your particular service or commodity. Often we are able to start a partnership with you and can move on to the next steps. In cases where we are not able to work with you, we will offer suggestions to help improve your product or services in the future.

Intermediate Stage

After we perform our assessment of your business, we ask all partners to carry out a feasibility study. This study will focus on your commodity and service. You will need to go into details for your proposal including the financial, operational, and construction components of your idea.
Depending on the results from the feasibility study, we may ask you to come up with a planning team or a project execution to help you in creating your new business.

Final Stage

Once XCell Fund has approved your proposal, the business partnership can begin. As we start this partnership together, we can work in order to begin, manage, and nurture the relationship in a way to make your business successful.

At XCell Fund, we’re totally committed to evaluate every opportunity for a partnership that’s presented to us. We have professionals who are charged with managing every opportunity through a review process that is the most thorough in the business. We aim to ensure that each and every partner that we commit ourselves to is of mutual benefit, not only for us and the partner but also for every person that we deal with at XCell Fund.