XCell Fund has an investment portfolio that has various offerings to our clients. We aim to provide complete investment solutions to those that we serve while helping them drive their investments to prosperity.

We provide solutions that enable you to effectively and efficiently manage your operations, employee functions, hiring of staff, business related updates and other corporate-related tasks. We have 6 businesses that are public and 5 that are privately owned. These businesses are in various industries and they’re all ready to help you out in your investment management.

The various offerings from XCell Fund help you discover new potential investments, give you exposure, and assist you in diversification. They include:

  • Web Technologies
  • Internet Advertising
  • Web Properties
  • Desktop software
  • Mobile applications
  • SAAS solutions
  • Web Publications
  • Financial services

We have various companies specializing in the development of web technologies to enable you to operate efficiently online. This ensures that we’re able to provide companies with the opportunity to engage online staff who works remotely so that they’re more productive.

We have invested in various internet advertising agencies to help our clients link up with professionals who can take their marketing to the next level as well as broaden our reach in the online world.

We have affiliated companies who are dedicated to developing and maintaining leading web properties. The industries where we have web properties includes finance, health, and much more.

XCell Fund has companies that employ teams of software developers to provide the world’s best desktop software. This helps us develop proprietary software for our operations as well as our clients.

With the rise of mobile usage, we’ve found it to be essential for us to embrace mobile app development. Our partner companies develop mobile apps that range from communications to games. By embracing the power of mobile applications, we’re ensuring that our future is bright.

SAAS (software as a service) solutions are becoming extremely popular thanks to the flexible payment options that they provide. Instead of customers having to pay hundreds of dollars for software that they need, they can pay a set amount for a certain amount of time (which can be monthly, bi-monthly, bi-annually, annually, etc.). We have invested into many SAAS solutions to ensure that our foothold in the tech industry remains as strong as it can possibly be.

Web publications (blogs, white papers, email lists, etc.) have become the most popular form of media in the world. Offline media usage is actually declining while the usage of web publications does nothing but increase. This is why we ensure that we maintain a focus on web publications by investing in multiple online media outlets.

From collections to loans, we have partner companies who provide various financial services. This helps us make it easier to find funding as well as reduce losses for our clients by enabling them to have us handle their financial needs in-house.

For more questions regarding our investment portfolio, please get in touch with us.