Corporate Responsibility

At XCell Fund, we believe in leading by example. That means focusing our corporate social responsibility resources on improving the lives of those who work and live in the areas we serve. Given that we have a presence in the majority of the countries on the planet, this means that we are responsible for lives everywhere.

To achieve our mission we:

  • rely on our longstanding, carefully cultivated collaborative partnerships with a number of community organizations and residents
  • encourage our employees to engage in volunteering
  • set clearly defined organization charitable goals
  • develop initiatives that have the power to deliver sustainable results.

Whether it is tackling addressing the achievement gap those in poorly funded school systems face or providing pathways to funding for underfunded entrepreneurial endeavors, our company has in place the appropriate relationships with community partners who are dedicated to making a positive impact.

Achieving our social responsibility initiatives would not be the case without the dedicated volunteer efforts of so many of our employees. Our diverse employee base, recruited from around the world, comprises the sustaining force for our charitable initiatives worldwide. This includes our employees working with their local schools and after-school programs to mentor at-risk students. It also involves our staff members’ donation of time, money and energy to address social issues that help define our entire organization.
Our reputation

We want to one of the world’s great companies, and we also understand that an outstanding reputation cannot be bought or manipulated. Building a solid reputation on a global scale requires establishing and then consequently maintaining a consistent, noteworthy, ethical, and customer-centered focus across many, many years. Our reputation extends from the point at which we want to do the right thing first and foremost for the benefit our clients and partners, not because of how it will affect our reputation.

Our goal for corporate responsibility

AT XCell Fund, our responsibility as a corporation goes far beyond protecting our clients’ companies and investors’ assets all the while helping them along the way. We are responsible for promoting the long-term economic prosperity and quality of life for everyone in the global marketplace. If they prosper, so do we. There’s rarely been a lack of entrepreneurial ideas in a world where betterment and economic opportunity is to be had. We are also responsible for creating a sustainable and prosperous future for subsequent generations as well.

In an effort to create a corporate responsibility environment within our organization, we rely on the following four areas of social responsibility:

  • Ethics – This serves as the foundation that underlies why we are perceived as a socially responsible company. We, as a company, strive to go beyond what law and industry standards require. To accomplish this, we consistently engage in monitoring and refining our business practices to help ensure that all of our team members and business associates are performing ethically and with integrity.
  • Products and services – We help our clients, business partners, and investors succeed financially by offering the right business solutions to grow their business. This means offering necessary funding options and support for their businesses at fair rates.
  • Community investments – We are are an internationally-focused, mindful, and generous company. The philanthropic causes we invest in are carefully screened for their potential to result in the greatest good. Our choice to support a given cause is one that’ not taken lightly, but instead involves deliberate and strategic decision making. We like to invest in the future of the communities where our team members, clients, business partners, and investors live and work.
  • Team member engagement – Our team members are expected to be role models in the communities they reside in. We rely on them, regardless of their rank or title, to be our eyes and ears, to help us identify and decide how XCell Fund should respond to community needs. Wherever you go across our company‘s reach, our employees are donating their personal time to help with reinvesting and educating the world’s decision makers of tomorrow.

The aforementioned tenants of corporate responsibility that our company has decided to champion have been instrumental in helping our company get to where it is today. Moreover, as our company grows, will only make us more competitive in this ever-changing global marketplace.

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