International Impact

International Impact

Since XCell Fund’s founding, we have remained steadfast in our desire to operate in a global marketplace that is driven by both strong business performance and positive social change. As a company, we are never content with where we are at. Instead, we constantly find ourselves at a stage of metamorphosis. We are continually challenging ourselves to innovate, to build better partnerships, and to effectively apply our assets toward achieving both a lasting and sustainable global impact. Our social innovation work concentrates on creating both educational and investment opportunities for underserved students and businesses, with some endeavors funded through our company’s core business functions and our company’s strategic grant-making foundation.

XCell Fund’s Charitable Foundation

Through our company’s charitable foundation, we use strategic grant making to create economic opportunity for people around the world. We also work diligently to empower our employees, clients, business partners, and investors alike to engage in charitable giving and volunteering programs as well.

For charitable giving on a corporate level, we can support a variety of underserved communities in the fields of entrepreneurialism and education and we long to do much more. Our philanthropic vision is to become the type of company that society wants. We believe that means enriching the social, economic and educational well-being of communities and society at large through corporate and individual participation.

Our Support for Entrepreneurialism

XCell Fund’s entrepreneurial initiative is a commitment to helping small businesses acquire the necessary capital, expertise and other resources they need to grow. Since we believe small businesses are the cornerstones of local communities, we feel that investing in this sector not only creates jobs but also spurs innovation. Our support of this sector during our company’s two years in existence has been instrumental for the development of non-profits and other small business. These sectors typically do not otherwise qualify for financial programs we offer – enabling them to gain access to managerial training, investors, supply chains, skilled workers, facilities, and new markets.

Our Support for Education

It is part of our core beliefs as a company that education is fundamental to ensuring social and economic progress and enhancing the quality of human life. We believe that education is essential to achieving a rewarding life. We also believe in its power to foster the attainment of our corporate goal of living in a world of economic stability. In our attempt to accomplish this, we facilitate opportunities for underserved students to receive a high-quality education that empowers the student to develop the critical thinking skills necessary to grow into responsible adults from a very young age.

Responsible Practices

Our company’s founding principles and fundamental beliefs help guide the ways we operate our business every day. This includes deciding specific attention to diversity, inclusion, trust and safety.

Diversity and Inclusion

This core value greatly permeates our teams and is how we do business every day. We believe that fostering an inclusive culture with equal opportunity for all is of critical importance to our ability to continue experiencing success. Especially as an multi-national corporation, we firmly believe that a diverse workforce leads to increased innovation. It also enables us to do an even better job of connecting with our hundreds of clients, business partners, investors, and employees all around the world. We believe it helps create a more favorable perspective about our business in the global communities we operate in as well.

Trust & Safety

With the high volume and confidentiality concerns that surround the many transactions conducted with our company and its affiliates on a daily basis, building and maintaining trust is critical to our continued success and growth. To maintain theses high safety and security standards, we go above and beyond in trying to stay ahead of government regulations and policies that constrain our financial and reporting practices. To this end, we operate a specialized help desk in our financial unit, located at our headquarters that provides regular and efficient reporting to all our clients -business owners to company executives. We also store your information with only the highest degrees of confidentiality, a practice that is in full effect across all of our worldwide offices.

We believe that these practices mentioned above allow us to most efficiently reach our corporate goals in this ever-completive global marketplace. At Xcell Fund, we understand our power to serve as an example of strategies for other global entities to adopt as well.

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