Desktop Software

XCell fund is the leading provider of desktop software for the management of investments. Desktop software enables you to run business operations from your desktop. A level of integration can be done between different computers to allow your staff to interact and share data. The desktop software we provide from XCell can also be used to link up with other users and customers via the internet in various ways.

Sales point software

We have desktop based sales point software that runs on your desktops and stores data offline on the computer or on a central server. Having a central server saves on the need to have vast storage space spread that is usually spread out over a large area. It also enables easier sharing of data and analysis of information.

Desktop software is extensively applied is in the management of operations. You are able to oversee operations on different areas of the business and issue instructions to personnel in various departments. This confers greater turnaround times and faster resolution of issues that arise within the business.

Customers who have used desktop software from XCell have commended us for its ease of use and the flexibility in functions that it offers them. We will ensure easy integration into production processes and explore additional ways to make desktop software more useful to you.

Troubleshoot and maintenance

XCell Fund is always at hand to help you troubleshoot problems that arise during the use of software provided by us. We also carry out routine maintenance on the software to keep it up to date and functioning effectively. For those who would prefer to be independent when we supply the software, we engage your staff in the proper training to equip them with the skills necessary for troubleshooting and maintaining the software.

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