Employee Pride

The global reach of XCell Fund’s Services can be found in nearly every single major metropolitan area in the world. This fact is true with of our clients as well. While some companies consider a distributed workforce to be a negative attribute, it is this attribute that we value primarily. We believe that success in a global marketplace requires a large, geographically distributed workforce of multilingual, multicultural employees.

Working across boundaries

Our multinational employees collaborate similarly to the employees working at our company’s headquarters. They do not face the negative consequences peers at other distributed workplaces have faced. Instead, quite the contrary, our high employee retention rate coupled with our impressive profitability margins suggests exemplary employee management. In fact, in employee polls, they routinely report the ability to engage in substantive communication and collaborative work sharing environments. They do so just as effectively, if not better, with our company than with previous employers despite the distance.

This is owed, in large part to our company’s focus on the acquisition and implementation of only the latest in contemporary technological advances that aid us in doing our job in the most efficient way possible.

Collaborative forces

In-person collaboration is also a primary focus for employee development. To further our goals, XCell Fund hosts an annual staff development retreat at our headquarters. This event not only allows our head office and field employees to meet other employees face-to-face but also serves as an opportunity for the company to address human resources related concerns. These concerns are often related to morale, accommodations and career growth. The retreat is also an opportunity for training whether it be on the latest technology acquisition, focused on team building, or some other pressing concern.

The highlight of our retreat are the training sessions, where expert instructors lead sessions that stretch beyond the realms of imagination. These custom-delivered training opportunities are dynamic to the needs of our staff, which bring a variety of experiences and toolsets to our corporate team. We prioritize the careful vetting and training of our employees so that businesses can achieve the necessary expertise for optimal growth. This lends to stronger investments and a proven record of success.

We are particularly adept at managing relationships between parties with distinctive interests and concerns. Further training only makes our employees more efficient and effective at what they already do well. Couple this with our business partners, which have invested countless hours of their personal and professional time becoming an expert in their field of expertise. Countless hours are devoted to sourcing experts in advertising and marketing, distribution, expansion, funding, as wells as many other industries. Our business partners are committed to keeping both of XCell‘s clients- the entrepreneur/business owner- as well as our investors- engaged and satisfied with their experience with XCell Fund.

Measured growth for our company and yours

As a company, XCell Fund is also committed to improving employee morale by offering competitive wages and benefits. We value commitment in our employees, as reflected by an established mentoring program for those employees committed to our company and its values. This is a calculated step to improve every staff member’s corporate value.

Our mentoring and development process includes the provisions of the necessary training and skills for long-term advanced careers within the company. We empower our staff to become more diversified in their skill set so that they can quickly make themselves indispensable to our company.

We have carved out solid pathways within our business structure that are aimed at promoting from within. This includes our recently implemented executive succession program. This program seeks to pinpoint those employees within our company with the most discernible management style combined with impressive work ethics. We provide these employees with access to an exclusive pipeline whereby they can work their way up into top management level positions within the company.

XCell Fund’s commitment is not solely to its clients, but also its employees. This commitment has been instrumental in achieving a high level of success over the past few years that will consequently propel it toward increased profitability in the future.

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