Web Properties

XCell Fund has developed a massive privately-owned network of web properties as well as partnered with many innovative entrepreneurs who have developed their own web properties as well. When we think about web properties, it’s just like real estate, except online. This has put us in a position to understand that this is how we’re going to embrace IT and prosper for many years to come.

Here’s a sample of the various web properties that we operate and/or invest in.

  • Finance – From investment to loans, we’ve gained quite the presence within the finance industry. We have partnered with many financial institutions as well to ensure that we can link entrepreneurs with the financing that they need to succeed.
Web Properties
  • Health – We maintain a presence within the health industry, and since the internet is being more used for this type of information we’re continuing to expand our presence. This also helps us take on clients who are in the health profession who demand a more improved online presence than they currently have.
  • Legal – From legal assistance to the management of a firm’s website, we make sure that the legal industry isn’t overlooked when it comes to our portfolio of web properties. Whether you need us for consultation or you want to invest in the legal industry, we’ve got you covered!
  • Marketing – No product or service can reach its full potential unless it has rock-solid marketing back it and this is why one of our main focuses is in managing a leading marketing agency and investing in other agencies who have the same passion to propel clients to the top as we do.
  • Medical – From online publications to investing in medical related companies, we have divested a lot of time and money into developing our presence in this fast-growing industry. The medical field embraces advancements in technology which makes each partnership and web property a priceless addition to our portfolio.
  • Retail – Most of our presence with retail is done via e-commerce even though we do have select offline investments in the retail industry as well. Consumer sales have increased online and we felt that it was only right to grow with the industry. This is why we operate numerous e-commerce sites and invest in retailers who show that they have what it takes to make a beneficial addition to the industry.

Keep in mind that this is just a sample of the web properties that we’re involved in. If we listed every single one of them, you’d be reading a book! 

For more information, feel free to get in touch with us.