Corporate Sustainability

At XCell Fund, our company’s vision is to provide quality and innovative products and services which benefit society and make it safer, more sustainable, and more productive. We are motivated by our mission to become a global leader in the investment industry. We are driven to facilitate a teamwork-intensive relationship between the borrower, experts, and the investor because of our dreams of what an ideal marketplace should look like.

Our vision is to help the world operate more transparently, efficiently, and improve people’s lives. Our mission -to enable our clients to grow their businesses into successful ones. We do this by bringing together some of the most talented and experienced business coaches with some of the most innovative and promising clients. We desire to see them grow their operations by providing them with the strategic support needed to do so. We spend significant time getting to know all of our business partners intimately to learn about their company’s strengths and weaknesses. We believe that by assessing and then addressing a company’s weaknesses from the beginning, avoids many potential setbacks down the road. Sustainability is core to our business – from our solutions to our operations, to our social investments.

Our Sustained Business Strategy

We have strong ambitions to achieve sustainable business success, both for our company and for our clients It is our belief that both financial and non-financial indicators are important measurements of this success, including:

  • Growth
  • Profitability
  • Customer loyalty
  • Employee engagement

We believe that each of these four indicators affirm our commitment to innovation and sustainability while enabling us to deliver on our vision and mission.

In measuring our success, we rely on primary key performance indicators (KPIs), which serve as a way to directly measure the level of our performance as it relates to our company’s four aforementioned goals. We also employ a number of secondary performance indicators as performance measurement tools as well. They are particularly effective at measuring the value of links between different business sectors and our company’s profitability.

Using these indicators, we’ve come to realize what has been instrumental in sustaining ourselves with a steady flow of borrowers, advisors, and investors. These populations represent the customer loyalty we strive for, as they have decided to commit themselves to working with us over the past two years. We have learned that it is not due to the fact that we are just another lender, that happens to be willing to lend them funds. Instead, it is because we stand behind our investments, providing support to those companies with only the highest prospect for success – mentoring them throughout the process. We’ve also been able to hold on to those same associates because of the value we place on protecting customer privacy and complying with many international government’s financial oversight and other regulatory controls.

Our Business Model

Our vision and mission provide a blueprint for creating a positive economic and social impact. As we help our clients navigate the complex global marketplace, we are also helping to create an environment that helps grow the world’s economies, create jobs, and unleash the employees’ potential. As our company helps our client’s become more efficient, we equip them with the necessary knowledge to institute the same principles. They also develop the necessary skills to grow their businesses, freeing up much-needed space for further innovation. Doing this allows them to focus more on creating opportunities for others in their local communities.

To fulfill this invaluable role as a company for our customers, it requires the deployment of several key investment initiatives. First and foremost, we rely on financial capital provided by our investors. Second is a focus on the financial responsibility, intellectual, and social capital of our employees. We firmly believe these key players are our company’s figurative gateway to greater knowledge, expertise, and fortified business relationships. For this reason, engaged, highly skilled, and agile employees are central to our business model and success.

When it comes to sustaining our business, we believe we owe our success to our solid relationships cultivated with all those who comprise our business structure. We are confident that this same strategy will be equally successful in future.

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