At XCell Fund, our corporate philosophy underlies every one of our investment decisions, including philanthropic ones. It is a corporate philosophy built on the fundamental principle of respect for the individual and sharing our good fortune with our customers, its employees, its business partners, its investors, and society as a whole. It is this unique perspective that inspires our company to be involved in a broad range of initiatives focused on entrepreneurship and education.

Our company proactively contributes to a variety of underserved communities vis-a-vis corporate contributions, associate volunteerism and foundation grants. Our philanthropic vision is to become the type of company that society wants to have more. We believe that means enriching the social, economic and educational well-being of communities and society through corporate and individual participation.

Our Support for Entrepreneurialism

XCell Fund’s entrepreneurial initiative involves committing ourselves to helping small businesses acquire the necessary capital, expertise and other resources they need to grow. Since we believe small businesses are the cornerstones of local communities, we feel that investing in this sector not only creates jobs but spurs innovation so valuable in this era. Our support of this sector during our company’s existence has been instrumental in helping non-profits and other small business (that would not otherwise qualify for our financial programs) gain access to managerial training, investors, skilled workers, facilities, supply chains, and new markets.

Our Support for Education

It is part of our core beliefs as a company that education is fundamental to ensuring social and economic progress and enhancing the quality of human life. We additionally believe that education is essential to achieving a rewarding life. Its power is ultimately central to attaining our corporate goal of living in a world where substantial economic development has been achieved. In an attempt to accomplish this, we facilitate opportunities for underserved students to receive a high-quality education that empowers the student to develop critical thinking skills necessary to grow into responsible adults from a very young age.

Empowering Our Partners

We have developed a corporate environment that encourages our clients, business partners, and investors to target partners that it can support as well. In addition to our business partnerships aimed at financial gain, we also offer endowment type non-profit consulting aimed at equipping our associates with a role model for philanthropic giving.

To this end, we provide a service that can also help you develop into a fiscally responsible corporation by providing a philanthropic consultation. Our business partners work with you to grow your business by providing skilled, reliable and specialized support for your business. We additionally offer a comprehensive suite of management services and investment that help both institutions and individuals both build their charitable missions as well as maintain them.

Private foundations, split-interest trusts, endowments, and donor-advised funds, require those with specialized expertise. Additionally, each role has its particular established duties and functions it must fulfill. Our non-profit advisors can aid your corporation in wading through the regulations under which these organizations operates. Some of the non-profit services we offer include:

  • Strategic planning and advice that enables fulfillment of your mission
  • Portfolio construction and balancing
  • Fiduciary assistance and governance
  • Customized asset allocation
  • Asset allocation analysis combined with an integrated spending policy
  • Philanthropic best practices and research
  • Asset management solutions and services to foster alignment of your charitable and financial objectives
  • Investment manager selection, oversight, and evaluation
  • Distribution calculation and disbursement
  • Monitoring of spending of gifts in conformance with donor restrictions
  • Accounting and financial planning and reporting
  • Operating expense reporting and disbursements to vendors
  • Investment management spending policy
  • Treasury including aiding in establishing relationships with credit card processors and credit facilities

At XCell Fund, we believe that our philanthropic experience has provided us with the necessary experience to emulate as you expand your business to include non-profit endeavors. We are well-prepared to advise your company’s charitable sector on actionable strategies that educate, implement, and sustain Рwith the long-term goal of creating a corporate culture of giving.

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