Worldwide Operations

Worldwide Operations

XCell Fund has a reach that extends worldwide. Throughout the company’s existence, we have been successful in nurturing relationships with business partners from around the world, each with a unique blend of specialized skills in a variety of industries.

Our partners are not only well qualified in their fields of expertise, but these professionals are also competent at bringing together the right teams from across the world. They are dedicated to building teams that are focused on your company’s success. These partners, work together with business owners and the investors they are paired with to best attain competitive advantage in a challenging global marketplace. This strategic relationship aids the business owner in navigating the global marketplace to ensure the best position for competitive advantage.

Our reach is so vast that it should not come as a surprise if you find that you know someone who is in some way affiliated with our company. Our multilingual and multicultural staff and affiliates are strategically distributed among all major metropolitan areas around the world. Our staff communicate effectively using the latest in cutting edge technology. Additionally, both regional and corporate staffing and take part in continuing education opportunities throughout the world many times throughout the year.

Global organizational structure

Our company has a small staff based out of our headquarters with the remainder working from regional offices worldwide. We have found that this type organizational structure is not present amongst our competitors. Due to this practice, we have been able to gain a particular degree of leverage in the global marketplace.

This organizational structure has also been instrumental in our company’s growth. It has allowed us to establish, maintain, and grow our worldwide network of strategic service providers that allow you business to operate more efficiently and to be more profitable. We are confident that pursuing this strategy has been an ideal solution that has sustained our business. We also believe it is the approach that has allowed us to have the most stable dominion over the inner workings of the international global marketplace.

Stability in an ever-changing market

Maintaining this degree of stability is of paramount importance considering the nature of the global market. The international marketplace is one which is ever-changing. It has a unique set of policies and procedures that enable the accomplishment of even the most fundamental tasks – including key players.

To effectively navigate this international marketplace, especially honed skills are required. Our company has carefully chosen every employee for their unique perspective into how things function within this arena. They have also been selected for their shared belief in our mission, which is to provide quality and innovative products and services which benefit society and make it safer, more sustainable, and more productive.

XCell Fund subsidiaries

XCell Fund’s global reach is not limited to advertising & marketing distribution, expansion, and funding projects. This is just one of the many important business models that we champion. While it is at the forefront of our many different business ventures, we also operate six distinct subsidiaries under its direction. We owe much of our success not only to our clients, business partners, investors, and employees, but also in large part to other operations that serve as our figurative ‘backbone’ including:

  • ECC Investments – This focus of this subsidiary is to offer investment consulting services focused on the use of cryptocurrency.
  • IonBuzz Media Group – This subsidiary is an internal media buying site that focuses on affiliate marketing and increased web traffic, specifically utilizing SEM and pay-per-call services.
  • Response Commodities – Importing and exporting are the focus of this subsidiary that also serves as a wholesaler to e-commerce retailers.
  • Sidago Integrated Solutions – Focusing its attention on coordinating outsourcing solutions for companies of all sizes is this subsidiary‘s responsibility.
  • Xinda Global – This subsidiary is a factoring service that offers merchant account financing, invoice buying, general financing, rolling, credit lines, media funding, and expansion capital

These subsidiaries of our company share a common vision and are driven by a desire to offer worldwide services that rival global competitors. They also share in our goals to operate with a transparent marketplace.

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